ep.3 you ain’t dead yEt.

soundtrack: who I thought you were - santigold Isn't it amazing how our whole body, the billions of molecules we are made of, fights to keep us alive day after day? Isn't it sad how many of us spend precious hours a day, time we'll never get back, hating our body for purely vain reasons? … Continue reading ep.3 you ain’t dead yEt.


things have changed

A lot of things have changed over the past couple of months I haven't been posting on this blog. Some I could tell you about, but don't want to and one I am going to tell you about. My Grandad died just before Christmas. He passed away in hospital in the middle of the night. … Continue reading things have changed

funKy aEsthetic #1

Bright, bright colours, pinks, oranges and yellows. Bold, classic black n' white check. Mini skirts and dresses. Clueless, prom queen look. Star, sparkly sequins. Retro sunglasses. Funky, chunky font. Techy, arty, glitchy vibes. --- Tiara girl - Rosie Brock {http://www.rosie-brock.com/} Rainbow streaming - {http://vi.sualize.us/search/} Pizza girl - Dela Deso Clueless collage - unknown Orange jacket … Continue reading funKy aEsthetic #1