day 2/3 // LMF

It's the Saturday of the weekend and if I thought my legs ached yesterday, then boy I was not prepared for today! We, my parents and I, came to Looe at around half four and went straight for something to eat. As it was raining, we had to decide quick so we went to one... Continue Reading →


day 1/3 // LMF

It is 23:03pm and I am sitting in a car on my way home from Looe Music Festival. My eyes are sparkling, I can't stop smiling and my legs ache like hell. I had a brilliant time. I went with my parents at the start of the day and we checked out a band on... Continue Reading →

Being Opinionated.

I am soooooooooo sorry for abandoning you, my lovely readers, and you, my beautiful blog. I know there are no excuses for this devastating action but I would like to present some causes for this devastation if you may. Reasons include: a) I went back to school on the sixth. Aggggghhhhh. I am now a... Continue Reading →

funKy aEsthetic #1

Bright, bright colours, pinks, oranges and yellows. Bold, classic black n' white check. Mini skirts and dresses. Clueless, prom queen look. Star, sparkly sequins. Retro sunglasses. Funky, chunky font. Techy, arty, glitchy vibes. --- Tiara girl - Rosie Brock {} Rainbow streaming - {} Pizza girl - Dela Deso Clueless collage - unknown Orange jacket... Continue Reading →

Just Because I am a Girl – The People Project

Sexism is alive and it's not disappearing anytime soon. Girls and women, me included, all over the world are standing up to this discrimination and have joined a movement called feminism. The word feminist, to some people, is seen as a word to describe power-mad women who want to have a higher status than men. Let me get something straight...... Continue Reading →

An Introduction – The People Project

The People Project is a series created by me, Mary (hello there), that talks about everyday issues people, like you and me, face on a regular basis. This series of blog posts will discus matters associated with discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, stereotypes, body image, bullying, the power of words, diversity, politics, religion and other important topics. Some... Continue Reading →

life update: Ardeche and other things

Hellooooo! It's Mary...  The girl who owns this blog? Slightly over-the-top earl grey tea lover? Dressing gown enthusiast? Clumsy smol bean? No bells ringing? Have I really been away for that long?  Yes. Yes I have. While I am all those things previously listed, I am also the girl who left her blog (her baby)... Continue Reading →

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